Get a Different Name Day

Get a Different Name Day

Life is full of changes and adventures. Sometimes the name we were given at birth doesn’t suit us as we go along our journey. It might be time for a change of name or a new set to clothes as time goes by.

People can enjoy the opportunity to get a new name on Get a Different Name Day and make a life-changing decision.

The tradition of changing your name is rooted in many cultures around the globe. It is actually common in some places to change your name for important occasions.

It is a common practice to change one’s name over thousands of years. Abraham, a prominent figure of three major world religions (Judaism Islam and Christianity), had his name changed from Abram meaning “exalted father” to Abraham meaning “multitude”. His wife’s name was also changed from Sarai, to Sarah. As with many other name changes in their lives, these were likely to have occurred after an important event.

Confirmation is a practice in Catholicism. It is a part the Christian religion. The person can choose a new name during this process. Often, it is in honor of a saint of the religion. This is a time for celebration and joy!

Many times, changing your name is celebrated. For example, a woman who gets married changes her name. Many women today are hyphenating or keeping their own names. Couples are sometimes showing equality by having their husband take the wife’s name.

A family adopts a child. The child usually takes the family’s last names and sometimes gets a new one. Another time where a name change can make life easier is this.

Some people love to change their names if they don’t like their gender or personality.

A new name can help you to be more confident in your identity. This is especially helpful for those who are going through divorce proceedings. Other situations may be where people have had problems with their families and want to get away from them.

No matter what the situation, it’s about getting a new start. That’s why Get a Different Name Day was celebrated!

Even if you don’t plan on shopping for a new name, it is possible to celebrate this day. These ideas might be used to celebrate this day:

Imagine different movie stars or other famous people who have had their names changed. Throw a costume party in honor of them, dressing up as your favorite. Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Jamie Foxx and Elton John all changed their names. Prince, the artist who was once known as Prince, is an exceptional case because his name was changed into a symbol.

People who know someone who has changed their name due to adoption, marriage or other reasons will love to use Get a Different Name Day to send them a card and take them out for lunch.

It isn’t necessary to legally change your name in order to celebrate this day. You can choose to use a different name for a day. It’s as easy as asking your friends and coworkers for a change.

It is important to choose a name that is popular.

Many people ask these questions when considering a new name:

Some people may feel John Smith is too much and realize Zaphod Beeblebrox suits them better. Sometimes, it can be hard to find a new name.

There are many sources for names. You can choose from a book for babies, a movie you love, or a fantasy novel. If you are a passionate videogamer, choose a name that is based on a favorite character from the game.

Many people can act as role models and guides in your life. You might find inspiration in them to help you choose a name.

A new name, no matter where it’s found, is the best way to celebrate Get a Different Name Day


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