Get Organized Month

Get Organized Month

Are you organized? This is a crucial question. Although there are many ways to organize, some people have better organizational skills than others. Even the most chaotic spaces can be made manageable with a little organization. Sometimes, organization is actually a safety concern.

Consider the surgeon’s job – if anything is misplaced it could spell disaster. Although not everyone finds themselves in high-pressure situations like this, it is possible to organize your life. Have you ever spent an hour searching for something in your closet only to find it was gone? Only to then have to organize everything again.

Some people keep bedrooms that are so difficult to navigate that the floor is an obstacle course. Others keep their cars so disorganized that they have a collection fast-food cups and containers thrown in the back, along with their candy wrappers. We’re sure you are aware of how dangerous it can be.

The Association of Professional Coordinators was founded in 2005 to raise awareness about the importance of organization and the benefits of hiring a professional organizer. According to studies, people spend up to an hour per day searching for items they have lost. We agree that everyone can benefit from being organized.

It’s a good idea to take a whole month to really think about how organized you are and what you should be focusing on. Maybe you have a neat and tidy home. Don’t forget to keep track of dates so you don‚Äôt forget them. You might have drawers and cupboards in your home that you cannot close due to the amount of random stuff inside. Take the time to sort through everything and determine its proper place.

You have a month to organize everything, so don’t worry about it. Maybe there is just too much clutter or disorganization at work. Do what you can to fix it. This is an opportunity to explain to your children why their bedroom should not be a disaster and to help them clean up the mess. You can also use a variety of tools to organize your home, including apps and professional organizers as well as old-fashioned labels makers. This month is a great time to start thinking about these things.


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