Gingerbread Decorating Day

Gingerbread Decorating Day

This holiday is becoming closer and more traditions are being incorporated. Gingerbread baking is one of these traditions. Who hasn’t wanted to build, decorate, and bake a whole gingerbread house that would be home to a family of colorful gingerbread children? Gingerbread Decorating Day is for all ages, from 1 to 92.

“Run, run and run as fast you can. You can’t catch my, I’m the gingerbread guy!”

Gingerbread Decorating Day was created to give us all the opportunity to enjoy the festive and fun hobby of decorating gingerbread houses. You don’t necessarily have to decorate a gingerbread house for this day. Or, you could decorate gingerbread with reindeer or Santa shapes. You have the option!

Gingerbread is the best way to feel festive. It’s delicious! Gingerbread’s history is interesting, but many people don’t know this. Did you know that gingerbread baking was considered a profession? Back in the 17th century gingerbread was only possible if you were a professional gingerbread maker. This was unless you were baking gingerbread for Easter or Christmas, when everyone else could enjoy the festivities. That sounds like an amazing job!

Gingerbread was considered popular art in Europe. It’s still art to us, let’s be real. You’ve seen the amazing gingerbread houses on Instagram. It was still a big deal back then. Gingerbread molds were used to show actual events through the portrayal and spouses of new rulers as well as their children. Museums around the globe have large collections of molds. The Ethnographic Museum of Torun, Poland and Ulm’s Bread Museum are two of the most well-known museums.

In the 10th century, an Armenian monk named Gregory from Nicopolis brought gingerbread to Europe. He had brought back the Middle East spices, and then taught French Christians how to make gingerbread. The gingerbread spread throughout Europe, reaching Sweden in the 13th century. There, nuns baked it to soothe stomach pains.

It became increasingly popular to paint cookies and use them for window decorations. Gingerbread was also introduced in Torun, Poland in the 13th century. The honey from the nearby villages made them delicious. Pierniki Torunskie is a symbol of Polish national cuisine.

Gingerbread was first sold in pharmacies and monasteries in England in the 17th century. It was believed to have medicinal properties. Market Drayton was especially known for gingerbread as its symbol. Shakespeare wrote in “Love’s Labour’s Lost” that “And I had only one penny in all the world, thou should”st have it to purchase gingerbread.” A fairytale published by St. Nicholas magazine in 1875 introduced the gingerbread man to holiday traditions. He was shown as a holiday treat that eventually was eaten by a hungry Fox.

Gingerbread Decorating Day is a great way to celebrate. This gives you a lot of creative freedom and is great fun for all the family. The best part about making, baking and decorating your own gingerbread man is when everyone in the family gets to have fun!

You can decorate gingerbread with many things. From a simple icing made of water and icing sugar, to more elaborate icings like buttercream icing or lemon icing, there are so many options. You can make gingerbread men into cookies by filling them with delicious fillings like vanilla, lemon cream, orange buttercream or ice cream.

You could make a gingerbread home if you feel confident and ambitious. Gingerbread houses allow for creativity as you can decorate them with any type of decoration, including candy canes, gumdrops, peppermints and candy canes.

Once you have decorated and made gingerbread, family members can share cookies. The cookies can be eaten or hung on the Christmas tree to decorate it. Gingerbread is a long-lasting cookie that can be stored for a long time. This means there’s no reason to worry about them becoming brittle or rotten.

You can make festive cocktails for adults while they decorate their gingerbread. A Pumpkin Tart Cocktail could be made. Other than pumpkin, carrot juice, tequila and cinnamon are also used. This unique cocktail is sure to impress your guests. The cinnamon gives it a festival-like feel.

Peachy Christmas is another cocktail that we found online. This cocktail consists of Rye Whiskey and Amaro Montenegro. It also includes red wine spiced poached lemon and red wine-spiced poached peach. Are you salivating yet?

There are many gingerbread-inspired cocktails that you can make online. Gingerbread Martinis are another option. These cocktails feature ginger simple syrup, vanilla vodka, Hot Damn! Schnapps and Baileys are all you need for Christmas.

Even better, you could host a gingerbread house contest among your loved ones. There is nothing wrong in having a little friendly competition. A station can be set up with gingerbread pieces, colorful candy, frosting and many other goodies. This is a great way to bring together all your loved ones and create a festive atmosphere.


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