Girl Scout Founder’s Day

Girl Scout Founder’s Day

The Girl Scouts of the USA has a rich history of encouraging girls to develop their skills, cooperation, and passions for more than 100 years. The Girl Scouts were founded to invest in young girls and make them capable of leading well into the future.

Most people are familiar with Girls Scout cookies. This day is all about spreading awareness for the Girl Scout Cookies and its founder.

Girl Scout Founder’s Day is celebrated on the birthday Juliette Gordon Low, the American founder of Girl Scouts. It offers an opportunity for a look back at the origins of this important organization.

Juliette Gordon Low, who was born October 31, 1960, was affectionately called “Daisy” Low was inspired by Lord Baden-Powell, who founded Boy Scouts. Low joined Girl Guides in England in 1911. Low founded Girl Guides in Savannah Georgia, USA, after she returned to the USA in 1912. Low was active in the Girl Scout movement until her death, in 1927.

It has been a tradition for Girl Scouts to commemorate Juliette Gordon Low’s Founder’s Day each year. Girl Scout Founder’s Day was created to connect people with the organization and the woman who founded it.

These are some ideas to help you connect with Girl Scout Founder’s Day.

Girl Scouts is a great cause that helps the community and they are always looking for volunteers or donors to help. To find out what they need and how you can help, check with your local Girl Scout troop.


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