GIS.. Geographic Information System… This is a simple phrase of three letters that describes a system that has impacted every aspect our lives. GIS systems integrate into everything, from our GPS systems to Google Maps. They make our lives so much easier. This amazing science allows us to get our deliveries on time and reach the home of new friends without having to navigate around. GIS is truly an amazing invention!

The Geographic Information System was specifically created to handle all information related to the interpretation and presentation of geographical data. Although there are many technologies involved, the end result is the same. The storage and processing of data about the world around you and making it accessible in a format that can be interpreted by other systems.

After Ralph Nader inspired Jack Dangermond to create GIS Day, Esri President Jack Dangermond established GIS Day in 1999. This holiday was created to raise awareness about the system’s importance and implications.

Although currently used primarily on Earth, you can bet this technology will be crucial in driving the exploration and colonization, mining of resources, and observation of unique characteristics of distant planets.

GIS Day can be celebrated in many ways. You can start by researching the amazing ways that this technology has impacted our lives. Use a GPS system for navigation to take you to a new place, find out the topography of the mountains and campgrounds in your area, and see how the area has changed over time.

Geo-caching is a fun and exciting way to get outdoors. Geo-caching is the art of finding hidden secrets in small caches that have been left behind by geo-cachers. Geo-caching, whether it’s a secret message written on a piece wood under a rock or a weather-sealed box stuffed inside of a hollow trunk is a fun activity that makes use of GIS technology, can be done with great success.


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