Global Community Engagement Day

Global Community Engagement Day

Community engagement is the process of working together with community groups to address problems that affect their well-being. Although the concept may seem obscure, community involvement is an integral part of everyone’s life. For those working for government agencies and high-end companies, every job you’ve had has done something for the community. Global Community Engagement Day is about showing appreciation for these people. Let’s find out what community engagement means and how it came about.

Engage 2 Act was the first to create Global Community Engagement Day. This organization aims to improve community engagement by bringing people together and discussing important issues in their communities. Engage 2 Act was founded by a small group from Southern Australia that wanted to share their community engagement activities with people around the globe. They wanted to make the holiday more widely known so they started a poll asking social media users to vote for their favorite pioneers of community engagement. The person who answered the most questions will get their birthday as their official holiday date.

After the polls had closed, the respondents chose Dr. Wendy Sarkissian’s answer and made her birthday the official holiday for global engagement. Engage 2Act has been hosting a blog contest to celebrate the holiday since its inception. Engage 2 Act merchandise would be given to the top blogs that submitted their blogs. Social media users are encouraged to celebrate the holiday by sharing what they do in their communities and connecting to others who do similar.

You can celebrate Global Community Engagement Day by hosting events with other members of your community, such as a brunch and a business meeting. Organise a gathering where you ask your colleagues what community engagement is and how your job impacts the world. You can also post on social media about global community engagement by hashtagging #globalcommunityengagementday on your favorite social media websites, asking your friends what they think community engagement is all about and celebrating it with your friends.


Jan 01 - 28 2025


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