Global Dignity Day

Global Dignity Day

Global Dignity Day is an initiative that aims to inspire and educate young people, and to help them understand their goals and self-worth. It was founded in 2008 and has continued to gain popularity.

Global Dignity Day is a day when speakers visit schools to tell students about their lives and experience with dignity.

Speakers can come from any country and any profession. They could be plumbers, CEO’s, soldiers or factory workers. It’s less about the profession than it is about the attitude the speaker has towards his or her life.

The speaker invites students to reflect on dignity and its impact on their lives after giving their talk. The students are encouraged and encouraged to share their stories with the class after discussing dignity. They then write a letter to each other listing their goals and aspirations.

The children receive the letters, which are then stored and returned to them on the next Global Dignity Day. This allows them to measure the changes in their lives and determine what goals they have achieved.

Global Dignity Day serves as a way for children to set a standard and remind them of the things that truly matter in their lives.


Oct 19 2024


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