Global Family Day

Many people want world peace, and many are trying to make the planet a better place. Building and strengthening families is one of the best ways to see less violence and more peace in the world.

Global Family Day celebrates the connection between families, communities, and world peace.

Global Family Day was born out of efforts to promote peace and harmony in the world at the close of the 20th Century. The International Decade for the Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1997.

Linda Grover sponsored a book called “One Day in Peace-January 1, 2000”, which was one of the most important steps towards this end. The book and the decade of peace were launched around the idea of a future where there will be no more war.

The idea for the decade-long peace initiative was still in its infancy. All member countries of the United Nations were invited to dedicate January 1, 2000, to working towards peace around the globe. The day was so popular and received so much attention, the United Nations decided that it would be an annual event starting in 2001. It was then called Global Family Day.

Peaceful communities are built on the foundation of healthy families. The theory goes that peaceful communities will lead to peaceful nations, which in turn should lead to a better world.

Participate in activities with your family to celebrate Global Family Day. Have fun! These are some ideas you might like to try:

Global Family Day’s most important aspect is the belief that peace efforts around the globe are directly linked to family support. Healthy families will spend more time together, provide strength and support for each member, and help create stability that can be transferred to other communities.

A commitment to eat dinner together every day is one way that a family can build their strength. Family members can strengthen their bonds by working together towards common goals and communicating well with one another through family meetings.

You can plant a garden with your family, go camping, make meals together, or hike in honor of Global Family Day. Whatever you do, make sure to keep these stories in your family’s memory.

While movies can be fun, they are not the only thing that entertain. Movies that touch on deep topics can help families grow. This can lead to family members having discussions about ways to make the world better.

You might like to see these films about peace and the efforts of Global Family Day.

While it might seem impossible to achieve peace across the globe, the best way to make peace is for people and families to live in peace at a local level. These ideas can be used to help build peace in celebration of Global Family Day.

Instead of making individual resolutions for the New Year, you can use this time to resolve as a family. Global Family Day allows family members to meet and brainstorm about the goals and intentions that they would like to achieve in the next year.

This day can be used to make plans to volunteer together for charity or to help the community as a whole family. Reexamine and create family rules and values. Encourage everyone to recommit and care for each other more effectively.


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