Global Scouse Day

Global Scouse Day

The only thing you can tell is that “scouse” is British. Global Scouse Day is a unique event that only happens in one place, if Britain. Learn more about Global Scouse Day at Days of the Year by clicking here

Scouse is a term used to describe the people and culture of Liverpool, United Kingdom. Scouse is a traditional meat stew that uses leftover vegetables and meats such as lamb, potatoes, carrots and turnips. This holiday was created by Graham Hughes, a British television presenter and filmmaker. Each year, Hughes would host a Scouse dinner with his Liverpool friends on his birthday. His friends continued the tradition after he left to go on adventure in December 2008. As people began to use the term “scouse” as an identity marker, the scouse dinner became a cultural icon in Liverpool.

Scouse was originally used to refer to a stew but is now used to describe the Liverpool accent. Liverpool accents are distinctive because of the combination of long vowels and sharp letters, as well as their traditional British accent. Liverpool hosts festivals every year and many restaurants serve scouse stew throughout the area. Scouse is essentially a combination of a strong accent, delicious stew and the word scouse. It’s the name that was eventually used to describe the people of Liverpool.

A scouse dinner is a great way to celebrate Global Scouse Day. Make a beef scouse by peeling the carrots, potatoes, and onions. Then, chop the onions and carrots into small pieces. Next, cut potatoes and dust the meat with flour. Next, heat oil in a saucepan and then place it on the stove.

Put all chopped meat and vegetables into the pot. Add some stock cubes, water and seasoning to the pot. Bring it to boil. Allow the pot to boil gently for 3 hours, stirring occasionally. Add the Worcestershire sauce to the pot and stir occasionally. Serve with red cabbage and dried bread. If you liked the recipe, please share it on social media with the hashtag #scouseday


Feb 01 - 28 2025


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