Go Caroling Day

Go Caroling Day

Anyone who has ever watched classic Christmas movies will know that carolers are a hallmark of any Christmas-themed movie. It didn’t matter if it was Charles Dickens’ “Christmas Carol” or “It’s a Wonderful Life”, you can be sure that at some point, warmly dressed singers will arrive at someone’s doorstep belting out Christmas songs.

Even though Caroling is gradually losing popularity, there is still time to preserve the time-honored tradition. Go Caroling Day is your call.

Carolling is a tradition that has existed for many years. It could have been around longer than Christmas and was adopted from more ancient roots. This is not surprising, considering that singing is a traditional form of religious observance. Religious hymns are also an old way to honor one’s faith.

Carolling is used to refer to the songs and traditions of Christmas. It was an ancient tradition that many people enjoyed for many years. They would eagerly wait for them to arrive at their door as Christmas cheer.

Another tradition, wassailing, was similar in many aspects but was used to travel to cider-producing orchards. Singing to the trees was believed to promote good harvests. It was almost exclusively practiced in England.

One might think that the answer is in the name. Go Caroling Day can be celebrated by gathering friends and family to get out and singing with your favorite songbirds. After all the years of singing them, the songs you want to sing must be familiar. That’s another problem, don’t get started.

If you’re a more non-traditional type, you can still have your songter on every year by learning many variations of these holiday tunes. H.P. The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society released three albums that are all Lovecraftian rewrites on the holidays. They are absolutely fantastic. Go Caroling Day’s purpose is to share the spirit of Christmas with everyone.

Get out there and start singing!


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