Go Diaper Free Week

Go Diaper Free Week

Have you ever stopped to consider what people did before diapers existed? Believe it or not, diapers did exist in those days. Yet, babies needed to learn how to use the potty. How do you think they managed to keep their home clean until the time they were able to use what they had for toilets?

It all began with early potty training, which didn’t involve bribes or rewards! You can try Godiaperfree.com’s diaper-free techniques and get rid of diaper dependency!

Let’s get started. Diapers can be expensive, messy, and extremely harmful to the environment. Cloth diapers are better than disposables on every count, but they still need to be washed and require a lot more water. You also have to consider the fact that even the most absorbent diapers can leave feces and urine on your skin. This is not a good thing.

Andrea Olson founded Go Diaper Free Week in order to assist parents around the globe to use Elimination Communication to eliminate diaper dependency. Her methods are gentle and don’t involve coercion or treat giving to ensure your child’s hygiene. She even created tools to help you start this process right away!

The techniques were developed with her children, beginning with her son (which she says was very difficult). It was a completely new technique! She has refined her methods through her second and third children! She has provided new resources and information for diaper-wearing children of all ages, making her methods easier for parents.

This week is Go Diaper Free Week. It’s your chance to learn about these methods and how to gently guide your children into a diaper-free existence.

Go to godiaperfree.com to learn Andrea Olson’s methods to get rid of diaper dependence. Imagine being able finally to get rid of the diaper genie and storing and washing dirty cloth diapers. This is possible using methods that are more effective than bribery, candy, or outright pleading.

There are still ways to help your child get rid of diapers, even if they are older than 18 months. You can finally get rid of diaper dependence forever by participating in Go Diaper Free Week!


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