Go For A Ride Day

Go For A Ride Day

Go For A Ride Day encourages people to get out and about. Get on your bike, in your car or just get your walking shoes out of storage, and take off on a journey. You don’t have to worry about where you are going. Just enjoy the ride. With all the emails and cell phones constantly interfering in our lives, it is clear that we all need some time to unplug and be free. What better way to do this than to go on a ride?

Since 1904, November 22nd has witnessed many developments in the transportation industry. Go For a Ride Day celebrates not only cars but all modes of transportation. Mathias Pfatischer, an American living in Philadephia in 1904, was the first to patent direct electricity and an interpole motor.

Carl J. Eliason, an American inventor, purchased the patent for the snowmobile in 1927 from Saynor (Wisconsin). This change made a huge impact on the lives of many Wisconsin residents. The regular mass service was tested on the famous supersonic Concorde in 1977. You can see that November 22nd is an important date for many areas of the transportation industry.

Go for a Ride Day’s greatest asset is the fact that there are many ways to celebrate it. The freedom that transportation has given us is what is being celebrated, and this is something we should celebrate on this day. Which is your preferred mode of transport? Depending on your location in the world you can travel to the unknown by boat or plane, helicopter, car or motorcycle, rollerskates or skateboard or by more traditional modes of transportation like horse, sleigh or horse-drawn carriage.

It doesn’t really matter how you travel, so long as you are open to the possibility of experiencing the joys of each day. You may simply want to get out of your comfort zone and take a walk in the hills or countryside. Take a picnic and bring your family along. Spend the day talking, walking and enjoying nature, rather than answering endless phone calls.

You can take your car to go somewhere you’ve never been before if you decide to travel by car. Maybe there’s a lake nearby that you remember from when you were a kid and haven‚Äôt visited in many years. Spend part of your day there and enjoy nature and the memories you have from childhood. You might even go fishing.

You can spend time on the calm water floating and daydreaming if you own a boat. If you live in an area where airfares are cheap like Europe, then take a day trip to another country’s capital. Enjoy the cobblestone streets and local cuisines, and discover a new place. Whatever way you celebrate Go for a Ride Day – make sure it’s a celebration for freedom and open roads!


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