Goats Cheese Day

Goats Cheese Day

When we think about cheese, we often picture huge dairy farms and fields of cows. Or juicy hamburgers with delicious and flavorful cheddar cheese. Were you aware that milk from other animals can also be used to make cheese, but not only are cows the most popular. These are the most well-known, partly because they can produce large quantities of milk. But there are many other types of milk that can make cheese. Goats Cheese Day is a celebration of one such cheese and the secret that modern science has discovered in the milk it comes from.

Since ancient times, goat’s milk has been used in cheese making. There are many examples all over the globe. It is a fact that every country where goat milk is produced, new and different varieties of cheese are created by local artisans. It is easy to make goat cheese by letting the milk curdle naturally, then pressing the whey away so that only the curds are left. You can use other methods, like using an acid to curdle milk or traditional rennet for cheesemaking.

Goat cheese is available in soft and hard varieties. However, unlike cow’s-milk cheese, it doesn’t melt as well when heated. You can serve goat cheese with crackers and fruit. However, because of the firmer cheese in the rinds, heating is sometimes necessary to make a thick texture that can be spread.

Goats cheese day can be celebrated by getting out and tasting the local cheeses. It’s possible to find goat farms near you if you live in a country that produces goats cheese. It’s likely that you’ll be amazed at the variety of goat cheeses, such as Chevre with wild fennel and lavender, or Grecian mizithra. Goats Cheese Day is a celebration of this delicious cheese, and all its varieties. It also raises awareness that cows don’t always make the best cheeses.


Jun 25 2024


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