Golf Month

Golf, the sport of the old and wealthy who can spend hours on the green hills of a course.

Many people who have never tried golf don’t think they would like it. This is because the people most commonly seen playing it aren’t the most interesting of individuals. However, those who have played it know that this is not the case. Join us for Golf Month to see how much fun this sport can offer!

Although the modern game of golf was invented in 15th century Scotland, its roots can be traced back as far back as the ancient Roman game of paganica. Participants used a bent stick to hit a stuffed-leather ball. Some historians believe that paganica spread across Europe after the Romans conquered the majority of the continent nearly 2,000 years ago and then evolved into the modern game.

Others believe that chuiwan, a Chinese game played in the eighth to the 14th centuries, is the father of modern golf. The “Autumn Banquet” scroll from the Ming Dynasty dates back to 1368. It shows a Chinese Imperial court member swinging what appears like a golf club at the small ball in an attempt to sink it into a hole. This would support this version of history.

Golf Month was established to encourage those who might not be interested in golf to give it another try and reap the benefits of all that this sport has.

Golf is the best way to celebrate Golf Month. You might consider inviting friends and family to play with you on the golf course. It’s a great time to try it if you haven’t yet! You have already tried paragliding and scuba diving, so why not try golf?

Consider these benefits of playing golf if you are still hesitant.

As if this weren’t enough, many famous singers, actors and celebrities love golf. You may even get to meet them one day on the fairway. What are you waiting to do? Celebrate Golf Month now!


May 01 - 31 2025


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