Great British Pea Week

Great British Pea Week

When you were younger, you probably heard your parents tell you that you could not leave the table until all the peas had been eaten. Peas were part of the “green veggie gang” that most children hate! As we grow older, we realize how amazing this ingredient really is. What fish and chips would be complete without mushy peas? Peas have been used in fine dining dishes, such as scallops and pea puree. Great British Pea Week is a great opportunity to enjoy this small green vegetable. It’s a whole week dedicated to celebrating peas!

Great British Pea Week is designed to increase awareness and understanding of the history and provenance peas and give us all reasons to celebrate these little green nutritional marvels! The pea-growing industry and Yes Peas launched the celebration. Campaign. British Growers Association manages the Yes Peas! The campaign is funded by freezers and machinery companies as well as growers in the vining sector. The campaign aims to highlight the nutritional benefits, provenance and versatility of frozen beans, engage consumers, and inspire them to use peas in meals. Rachel Green, a TV chef, has supported this campaign with hundreds of her recipes.

Peas were first grown for their dried seeds in the early days. Theophrastus, a third-century BC writer, describes this vegetable as one of the legumes that is sown later in winter due to their tenderness. Columella’s first century AD De re Rustica also mentions peas. Roman legionaries gathered wild peas from the sandy soils in Judea and Numidia during this period to supplement their daily rations. Throughout the Middle Ages, field peas were often mentioned. This is when they were an important staple to keep famine away. This tiny ingredient has played a crucial role in many different periods of history. It was considered an innovation luxury in Early Modern Europe to eat green beans fresh and unmatured.

There are many fun ways to celebrate Great British Pea Week.

Growing your own peas is a great way to celebrate Great British Pea Week! Nothing can compare to the sweet taste and tender texture of freshly harvested peas. How can you grow peas at your home?

You will need to plant the peas three cm deep in fertile soil. This can be done from spring through mid-summer. As this will support the growth of your plants, you can use pea sticks to stake them. After the flowers have appeared, ensure that they are being fed with a high-potash fertilizer every week. Peas can be harvested for approximately three months.

Another option is to sow your peas from seeds. This can be done between March and July. You should choose a sunny spot with good drainage. To improve the soil, make sure you add a lot of mushroom compost or garden compost before you sow. The spade, or another tool that can be used to make a shallow trench approximately 3 cm deep by 22 cm wide should be used. The peas should be sown in parallel lines with seeds spaced approximately 10 cm apart. Cover the seeds with soil, label the rows, and water well. Within a week, you should see seedlings begin to appear.

Growing your own peas is the best thing, but eating them is the best! You’re sure to find a recipe that suits your tastes.

We recommend bacon and pea-gnocchi if you are looking to impress your family and friends. This dish can add an Italian twist to the traditional British recipe.

Recipe for bacon and pea gnocchi

This recipe makes enough for four people. You can adjust the quantities to make it more suitable for you. The following ingredients are required:


Pre-heat your oven to 350F/180C/gas Mark 4. After rinsing the potatoes, use a little oil to massage them. Bake the potatoes for approximately 45 minutes. Next, remove the flesh and either mash or put it through a potato ricer.

Then, grab your blender and blend the 400g of peas in a food processor to make a puree. Add the potatoes. Mix in the flour, eggs, salt, & Next, form the mixture into small oval shapes. Then, bring a saucepan of salted water up to boil. Once the water has boiled, add the balls. When they have risen to the surface, take them out of the boiling water.

Then, add the gnocchi to the frying pan along with the bacon. Cook until golden brown. Cook the gnocchi with the bacon and add the fresh peas and shredded lettuce. Serve and enjoy


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