Greenpeace Day

Greenpeace Day

People around the globe take 15 minutes to commemorate Greenpeace Day on September 15. This is the perfect time to let your inner activist out and be passionate about improving the world and its environment.

Greenpeace, a campaign group for environmental issues, has been internationally recognized over the past decade. Greenpeace was founded in 1971 by 17 activists from Vancouver, who protested against the offshore nuclear testing in Alaska.

This was the start of an important step in the right direction. Greenpeace, a Non-governmental Organization (NGO), has been operating offices in at most 55 countries. The international coordinating group is based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Greenpeace has been able to win numerous victories over the years in its fight against eco-crimes. They also have made a significant contribution to raising awareness about a wide range of environmental issues around the world. Greenpeace is committed to achieving their vision of a society that recognizes Earth as an essential living support system. However, they are also fully aware that the planet’s resources cannot be ignored and must be protected.

Greenpeace campaigns include education about various issues such as the Arctic Ocean receding ice, raising awareness for ocean protection and working towards nuclear disarmament.

Greenpeace’s unique involvement in almost 50 years of the Greenpeace Fleet is one. The fleet, which consists of three ships, sails around the oceans to raise awareness and fight for environmental justice. The fleet is involved in various activities, including obstructing nuclear testing at the Pacific Ocean, conducting Arctic Ocean research on the impacts of climate change, collecting data about plastics in the oceans, and providing humanitarian aid to communities and people affected by extreme weather conditions.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson has declared September 15th Greenpeace day to recognize the contributions made by the organization which began with such humble roots and now boasts 2.9million members. Celebrations in this Pacific Northwestern city include a family-friendly outdoor festival and tree planting. There are also workshops on activism and other earth-focused activities.

The celebration is not limited to people living in Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest. Greenpeace Day can be celebrated by anyone, anywhere on the planet.

Greenpeace Day is an excellent day to be inspired and to help save the planet. These are some great ideas to get involved and honor the day.

Many people don’t understand the urgency humanity must feel to avoid catastrophic consequences for the future. Earth is the only planet known to be capable of supporting life as it exists today. It provides the resources necessary for humans, animals and plants.

However, humans and industry are causing planet-harming activity at an alarming pace. They pollute water sources, use up trees, pollute the air, and lose the biodiversity that makes this planet so beautiful. The earth could eventually reach a point of no return without intervention and become a degrading place for future generations.

Greenpeace Day encourages everyone to use their voice and make their convictions heard in order to improve the world’s environmental care. It’s a great day for people to sign petitions to help protect the planet, and encourage others to do so.

Those who want to keep apprised of important Greenpeace issues and events that affect the planet can contact the organization and get connected through emails: This allows individuals to join together in the Climate Justice Movement and really make a difference in the world around them!

You can be green at home and on the streets by turning off unnecessary lights and tossing the wrapper in the trash. These and other ways to save the planet are not just for Greenpeace Day but all day.

You can think bigger by volunteering to help Greenpeace raise awareness. Volunteer workers are needed as well as paid staff with a variety of skills and talents, such communications, finance, logistics and fundraising. There are many opportunities to get involved.

Individual donations are what enable the organization to function. Greenpeace Day is a great day to consider making a donation! Let Greenpeace Day serve as a reminder of the fact that, as Margaret Mead, an anthropologist once said, “Never doubt that… a group of committed citizens could change the world.” It is, in fact, the only thing that has ever worked.


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