Halloween All Hallows’ Eve All Saint’s Eve
All of these are names for one of the most famous international holidays to ever spread across Western society. If not enjoyed by all, Halloween is definitely acknowledged by everyone as the celebration of monsters, gruel and dressing up.
How to Celebrate
If you’re looking for a dummy’s crash course on Halloween party tips then you’ve come to the right place! Here are some good pointers:

Host a Costume Party with prizes for the best and worst dressed
Watch the scariest movies around (if age appropriate)
Serve blood-red punch and eyeball cupcakes
If you’re happy to then hand out candy for trick-or-treaters
Carve a pumpkin!
Decorate your house like a mausoleum
Visit a ‘haunted’ spot

Why Do We Do It?
Though Halloween is fun, isn’t it a bit random? As with many holidays alive in Western culture, its roots probably lay in Pagan celebrations and beliefs. Part of the holiday is meant to remember the dead, much like Mexico’s Day of the Dead.
Halloweenin’ Right
Remember, holidays aren’t much use to anyone if it isn’t fun for everyone. Halloween is a night for wails and cries to come only from the mummies and ghosts so be horrifying but be nice!


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