Happy Cat Month

Happy Cat Month

They are fuzzy and adorable. We are referring to the most incredible house pet, the cat.

These companion animals have been around almost as long as humans and served the same important purposes. They’ve been a great addition to our lives. Happy Cat Month celebrates their contributions and reminds us what we can do to ensure a happy cat.

The CATalyst Council brings us Happy Cat Month to spread awareness and education about the importance, health, welfare and well-being of companion cats. It is often believed that cats are independent and don’t require the same level of care as dogs. Cats are social creatures and require the same care and attention as dogs. The current definition of a cat can lead to cats not being as loved and cared for as they should be.

After two meetings, Rebranding Felix and CATalyst Summit, the CATalyst Council was established. The non-profit organization was created in the wake of these events. It focuses on Veterinary Medicine, Shelter/Animal Welfare, as well as members of the industries that are involved with the organization’s efforts, such Cat Fanciers, Media, and other commercial companies. They have been working since its inception to promote the image of cats being affectionate, caring and needing human care just as any other pet. They work to raise awareness among cat owners about the importance of cat care and preventative medicine.

Now think back to the last time your cat was taken to the vet. What year was it? Is it been over a month? 3? One year? It’s almost certain that it has been too long. If your cat hasn‚Äôt had a checkup in the past 6 months, it is time to schedule one. Happy Cat Month is a great time to spend quality time with your feline friend. Happy Cat Month is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your feline friends. Cats love to play and are just as fond of human attention as any other pet.


Sep 01 - 30 2024


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