Happy Mew Year for Cats Day

Happy Mew Year for Cats Day

Cat owners will tell you that cats see themselves as superior to us mere mortals. Cat owners know that cats feel entitled and worthy of all the good things in life. So why not create a Happy Mew Year Day for Cats?

It is this day, just like the inferior human New Year’s Day version, that feline friends can paw (get it?) Consider the’mewnesses’ of this new season and all the wonderful possibilities it offers. Maybe this year will be the year that their family starts giving them canned food. Perhaps the tomcat next door will be the one to make his move. The cat is the king of this house. Will the dog who acts as a servant realize that the cat is the one responsible? Our furry feline friends can ask these questions while going about their day, which is usually a boring and disinterested business. Do you not know that cats rule and dogs drool?

Wellcat.com created Happy Mew Year for Cats Day to allow cats to have their own celebration for the New Year. Why not? Because cats are elegant, majestic, and all around amazing, why not have their own New Year’s Eve?

Daysoftheyear.com has many holidays that are fun and enjoyable. However, animal-related holidays can help to raise awareness about the millions and millions of unloved, neglected, and abused pets who end up in animal shelters all over the country, where they spend months, or even years, before being put to sleep due to lack of funds. If you don’t have your perfect feline ruler, now is the time to get one!

If you have fish, this is the time to pamper your cat with all manner of cat treats.

Adopting an abandoned cat will help reduce the number of pets left to die waiting for their “furever home”. When you welcome in the new year, don’t forget to open your heart and home to a four-legged friend!

There are many uses for cats in the home. They can be natural hunters and can quickly solve any mouse infestation problem that you may have. Cats are fun to have around your home. They’re a perfect combination of silly and fun.

They seek out shadows and light from flashlights. They know when it’s time to snuggle, and when it’s lonely or sad. They are graceful, beautiful, and a joy to watch. You can groom them constantly and make their fur silky soft. There are many reasons to adopt a cat! If you haven‚Äôt yet done so, visit your local shelter and look for the cat that has been waiting for you for weeks, or even months. Then, take her home!

There is nothing better than the unconditional gratitude of a cat. There are many New Year’s resolutions you may make that don’t work, but adopting your cat is something you won’t regret and one the cat will never forget.


Feb 01 2025


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