Harvey Milk Day

The struggle of the LGBTQ community has been ongoing for many generations in this country and around the globe. Harvey Milk, the first openly gay official elected in California, was one of those heroes.

He was assassinated, but he made important contributions to the community while he was in office. Harvey Milk Day is dedicated to this remarkable man and all the sacrifices he made for people’s lives.

Harvey Milk, a career politician, was born in New York City in May 1930. He knew that he had to keep his secret when he discovered he was homosexual in his teens. This revelation would have devastated his parents, Lithuanian Jews.

He kept it all under wraps and served in the military from 1955 to 1955. After being discharged, he returned to New York and eventually moved to San Francisco in 1972.

He began to actively work for the rights of the LGBTQ community in San Francisco. His first steps were not easy.

Harvey wasn’t around for very long, so the local gay political community was quite closed-minded. Harvey’s natural ability to connect people helped him break through the ice. He was able to run for office only in 1978 with the support and encouragement of his local community.

After winning the election, he pushed for a bill to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation in housing, public accommodations and employment.

Although it was eventually passed, Dan White, another city supervisor, would assassinate George Moscone and him. Harvey Milk Day commemorates all that he did for the community and makes sure his sacrifices will not be forgotten.

Harvey Milk Day offers an opportunity to help the LGBTQ community, regardless of whether you are a member or an ally. It’s amazing to see the struggles members of this community have had in their pursuit for basic human rights. There is still much to do.

Donate to organizations that fight for human rights and let others know you are there to help them. Harvey Milk died fighting for basic human right, and this holiday is your chance to make sure that no one else does.


May 22 2025


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