Haunted Refrigerator Night

Haunted Refrigerator Night

Okay, this may sound harsh, but there aren’t many things you can do with leftovers. Sometimes you forget all about them when you have a better meal. You can be sure they aren’t forgetting about you if you forget about the leftovers. They are still there, waiting to be unleashed from the rotten mess in those Tupperware sarcophagi. Haunted Refrigerator Night is the perfect time to put on your protective gear and grab your proton pack.

Thomas & Ruth Roy, of Wellcat Holidays & Herbs, created this holiday. Tom and his wife decided the night before Halloween was the best time to confront the terrifying depths of their fridge. This started a long tradition of battling these dangers every year. It’s not a good idea to allow your fridge to rot.

It would be great if people made a habit of cleaning out their fridge at least once a year. However, that’s not likely to happen. We eat delicious meals every day and store the rest in our refrigerators in hopes of having leftovers for dinner tomorrow night or lunch tomorrow. Yet, they sit there and fester in our fridges for months.

Haunted Refrigerator Night is when those souls will finally be free.

Haunted Refrigerator Night can be celebrated by clearing out all the evils hidden in your refrigerator. Make sure you bring a mask, lots of garbage bags and, if possible, a can of cleaners to help restore your Tupperware to its original state. Although it’s safer to toss the entire thing in the trash, who wants that smell? Haunted Refrigerator Night can be ended with a promise (that we both know you won‚Äôt keep) that you will use your leftovers more often in the coming year.


Oct 01 - 30 2024


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