Have A Bad Day Day

Have A Bad Day Day

That, ladies and germs is exactly why you should embrace the “Have a Bad Day Day” glory. You don’t have to go through a bad day alone. So, wish everyone “Have a Bad Day”, and smile the biggest, most cheerful smile you can. My friends, chaos is the heart and soul of revolution. All revolutions began with a Bad Day.

Everyone has bad days, right? It is hard to find someone who hasn’t had a bad day in his or her life. We are certain you think about the bad days you’ve had, whether it was at school or last time you fell ill. Have A Bad Day Day encourages people to accept bad days and not worry about how bad they are.

As we will see below, Have A Bad Day Day was initially created for customers in the customer service industry. This does not mean that you can’t apply Have A Bad Day Day in your own life. We all have bad days, and we can all find comfort in the fact we can share a bad day on this date. There are ups and downs in life. It is how you deal with them that matters most. This date is about that.

There is a job that guarantees you will have a bad day, sometimes dozens of times per day. What is it? Any job in customer service. It’s important to realize that even if you have never worked in customer service, your soul is pure and has never experienced any suffering. All customers are customers at one point in their lives. Unfortunately, this means we all become the walking dead. Be afraid, friends. Have a Bad Day Day is a day for our heroes in customer service to come back…

Ruth and Thomas Roy from Wellcat.com created this date. The date was created by Thomas Roy of Wellcat.com to allow people in sales and customer service to wish customers a bad day. The customer service agent will probably wish you a happy day every time you leave a shop.

You can expect the exact opposite on this date. This is a great way to bring a smile to people’s faces because they won’t expect you to say anything. You can also be rude for the day if you are tired of being kind all the time. We recommend that you just wish people a bad day and not be rude.

No matter how bad the customer is, every agent must end their spiel with the phrase “Have a Nice Day!”. But on Have a Bad Day Day they get a break from this boring platitude and can instead scream at their customers with the most charming passive-aggressive phrases. They announce “Have A Bad Day!” in the most cheery tone possible, then revel in the confusion of their customers trying to figure out if they were insulted. They won’t know.

It’s as simple as that. Have a Bad Day Day allows you to go out and wish the worst for people by wishing them a “Have a Bad Day!”. Even if your job isn’t customer service, chances are you know someone who doesn’t deserve to hear that they’re having a bad day. Don’t let your malice go unchecked today. And don’t forget to pass it along to the people who won’t believe you aren‚Äôt just being silly. The teller says, Vengeance is mine.

You are not required to wish people a bad or miserable day on Have A Bad Day Day. This is a bit of a tongue twister! This is not a call to quit and make yourself miserable. Accept the fact that you have had a bad day.

It will surprise you how much it can make a difference to your mood if you choose to smile despite everything going wrong around. It’s also a good idea to look out for others who are having a bad day. Remind them to smile, especially since it’s Have A Bad Day Day. Don’t let bad days last forever. Accept them and don‚Äôt be discouraged.


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