Healthcare Foodservice Workers Week

Healthcare Foodservice Workers Week

We often think about the hardworking women and men who make healthcare a pleasant and positive experience.

All of these people, from the nurses and orderlies to the doctors and surgeons, work hard to make our lives better. One group of people is often overlooked for their contributions to healthcare. It’s the staff and patients who work tirelessly to ensure that they are fed.

Healthcare Foodservice Workers Week was created by the Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF).

The first holiday was created by an organization which would later become part of AHF in 1985. Their dedication was what allowed the US Congress to officially recognize Healthcare Foodservice Workers Week. It also celebrated the men and women who provided much-needed nutrition for staff and patients for generations.

Healthcare Foodservice has existed as long as there were hospitals to care for the sick and infirm. As food technology improved, so did their methods.

Nutrition is vital for fighting illness and recovering from injuries. These often overlooked men and women are as important as your doctors.

The introduction of microwaves to their toolbox was a significant moment in Healthcare Foodservice History. Kaiser Permanente was the first foundation to make this happen. They decided that microwaves should be used in hospital food services.

This experiment proved to be a huge success. Patients were served delicious meals when they were allowed to eat. They were the best hospital food service team since the refrigerator.

Start your Healthcare Foodservice Workers Week celebration by visiting your local hospital or care facility to tell the staff what a wonderful job they are doing.

Their efforts are vital to the well-being and health of loved ones, but they aren’t often acknowledged for their work. They are worthy of all the praise that you can heap on them.

You can make sure that this holiday is celebrated in a facility for healthcare workers by planning an event to show your appreciation.


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