HIV Long-Term Survivors Day

HIV Long-Term Survivors Day

The life expectancy of HIV-infected people was often less than 19 years when it first became an epidemic thirty years ago. HIV-infected people live nearly the same life expectancy as those who were not infected by HIV. This is because they have a 53 year average survival rate (for those who became infected at 20). HIV Long-Term Survivors Day is a celebration of those who have lived with HIV for many decades and are still living with HIV today.

HIV Long-Term Survivors Day was created as part in order to raise awareness about the HIV aging face. Over 59% of HIV-infected people are over 50 and are living with the virus. This is both a sign of hope and a concern. Soon, 70% of HIV-positive people will be over 50. It was once a dream of many who were infected with HIV, but this growing number is a sign that there is more hope. The epidemic will soon end and no one with HIV will live.

For those who are still living with HIV, there are special concerns. People who have been living with HIV for the longest time have a tendency to develop resistance to different drugs that they are prescribed. This could lead them to have physical damage. This is partly due to the fact that they took less effective medications, which caused neuropathy and cardiovascular problems. HIV Long-Term Survivors Day aims to raise awareness about the needs of long-term survivors.

There are many ways to celebrate HIV Long-Term Survivors Day. However, the best way is to find out as much information as you can about people living with HIV around you and what you can do for them. You can also help reduce stigmatization of those living with HIV by learning the facts about the disease and how it is transmitted. HIV Long-Term Survivors Day, which is celebrated on the last day of the year, offers a chance to reduce stigmatization.


May 06 2024


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