Hobbit Day

Hobbit Day

September 22nd marks the birthday of Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins. These are J.R.R. characters. Tolkiens Middle Earth Cycle books (The Hobbit & Lord Of The Rings, respectively) are where Hobbits, who typically stand between two and four feet tall, do great feats and show incredible courage.

These creatures and acts are honored by the celebrations, which look a lot like the birthday party at the start of The Fellowship of the Ring.

The American Tolkien Society has given Hobbit Day some legal status in the United States. Bipartisan support has been attracted from various places, including the U.S. County Courthouse and the White House.

Hobbit Day allows people all over the globe to celebrate the two most popular fictional characters, Bilbo Baggins (and Frodo Baggins) The characters come from The Lord of the Rings (written by J. R. R. Tolkien) and The Hobbit (written by J. R. R. Tolkien).

The Hobbit was first published on the 21st September 1937. It received critical acclaim and was nominated multiple times for awards. It is still considered a classic today. C.S. Lewis, a famous British writer, said the following about the book: C.S. Lewis, a famous British writer, wrote the following when he reviewed the book in The Times

“The truth is, this book contains a lot of good things that have never been combined before: a fond of humor, an understanding for children and a happy fusion between the scholar’s grasp of mythology and the poet’s.”

J.R.R Tolkien created The Lord of the Rings in 1937-1949. Based on our timeline, Bilbo Baggins was reportedly born in 2890. Frodo Baggins, who was born in 2968, was then born 78 year later. This equates to 1368.

Fair to say, the initial reviews for The Lord of the Rings were mixed. The recognition of this literary achievement has grown steadily. The New York Herald Tribune stated that the books were “destined for outlast our times” – and what a prediction! The Sunday Telegraph called The Lord of the Rings “among the most imaginative fiction of the 20th century.”

It is clear that these books are true masterpieces. Therefore, Hobbit Day is a fitting tribute to the two most beloved characters from the books.

Hobbit Day is a separate event from Tolkien Week. Although the Week will always be over Hobbit Day (which runs Sunday to Saturday), it is the longest-running day that fans celebrate. Due to differences in the Shire and Gregorian calendars, there is much debate about when Hobbit Day should actually be celebrated.

Tolkien once stated that the Shire calendar was ahead by approximately ten days, depending on the month. Hardcore fans suggest September 14th as an alternative date. The day was not officially named until 1978, and it has been called many things. However, it has been observed since 1973, just after J.R.R. Tolkien was killed on September 2, 1978.

Celebrations can include going barefoot for seven days and eating seven meals.

You can watch or read the Hobbit Day films, which is one of the best ways of celebrating the occasion. No matter how many times you’ve seen them before, they are worth a second look, and another, and another!

Many other games have also been created. These include The Lord of the Rings, which is available for the PlayStation 2, and The Lord of the Rings Lego set. The 2003 The Hobbit videogame is also available for Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube. This is a great way to spend Hobbit Day.

You may know many people who love these books. Why not make the most of Hobbit Day by hosting a Lord of the Rings- or Hobbit-themed party? This is a great way for your family and friends to come together and have lots of fun. You can also dress up as the characters in the books. This will make everyone laugh and have fun!


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