Housekeepers Week

Housekeepers Week

Many people don’t think of housekeepers when they visit a casino or hotel. Housekeeping can be hard work and offer little reward. Housekeepers Week is a way for people to recognize the hard work that goes into keeping a house clean and safe. Learn more about Housekeeping Week’s history and how to celebrate it.

Housekeepers Week celebrates housekeepers and their hard work. The IHEA (Integrated Environment and Health Assessment) has been the official sponsor of the holiday since 1981. Since then, it has spread worldwide as a week-long celebration to all those involved in housekeeping. Housekeeping is essential for any building operation, including restaurants, hotels, casinos, and all other official buildings. Housekeepers would be a problem if they didn’t exist. This would lead to increased disease spread and lower productivity. Housekeeping is an everyday job that isn‚Äôt valued because of its grittiness, low pay and lack of glamour.

Because of the importance of housekeeping, it can be appreciated as a profession. Companies and businesses that value their employees and adhere to national worker regulations celebrate Housekeeping Week in thousands of locations around the globe. It is a day when companies give their employees gifts and host an end-of-the week party to thank them for all they do.

To celebrate Housekeepers Week, say thank you to your coworkers for cleaning up the building. You can also give them a gift or take them out for dinner to build new friendships. Use the hashtag #housekeepersweek to share this holiday with your friends on social media. Have a chat with your friends about housekeeping to see what topics come up. This holiday is all about showing kindness and appreciation to others in their profession.


Sep 12 - 18 2024


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