Hug A Shed And Take A Selfie Day

Hug A Shed And Take A Selfie Day

It’s May… the sun is shining, birds are singing, and the winter is finally deciding to go away. What are you to do? You can get out there in the sunshine and fresh air of your yard and begin to prepare for the wonderful days ahead. You can show your appreciation for your shed by taking a selfie on Hug a Shed Day.

Hug a Shed, Take a Selfie Day was inspired by one man’s love for gardening and the sacred space that is the shed. You can keep your tools safe in a shed so you don’t have to worry about maintaining your garden and equipment. You can plant and care for the next season’s plants in your shed. These moments are the hallmarks of a shed lover’s serenity.

Hug A Shed Day and Take a Selfie Day are just a way to show these humble structures that you care. We know how important this little sanctuary is to the back yard crew. It can be used for all the above and even more.

It is full of the scents of our leisure time, such as grease and oil or fuller’s earth and fertiler. Hug a Shed Day and Take a Selfie Day are great ways to show your love for sheds.

It’s in the title, now, my son. Give your shed a hug, and then take a photo with it. As a result, sheds can often reflect the personality of their owners. They are filled with passion and character. Take a moment to Hug a Shed and Take a Selfie Day and fix up the shed, or add a feature that you have been wanting (like a mini fridge) or whatever else strikes your fancy. Post your selfie! #hugashedandtakeaselfieday


May 05 2025


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