Hug an Australian Day

Hug an Australian Day

Men at Work’s down under was, in hindsight at least, a fairly average song. The country has given so much over the years. Hug an Australian Day is the perfect way to express gratitude and appreciation, while also spreading some love around the globe. A simple gesture like this can have a big impact in a world that is often divided.

The good vibes will quickly return, just like a boomerang. Participants must not be residents or tourists in Perth, Melbourne, etc. Hug an Australian Day doesn’t have to impact the whole day. It’s simple and fun for everyone, regardless of their location.

It will be a great day for all involved.

Hug an Australian Day is as easy as it sounds. Hugs can be a friendly gesture of affection that has been scientifically proven to have a positive psychological impact on both the receiver and recipient. A quick, kind hug can make someone’s day. It doesn’t matter if it is from a friend or stranger. Hug an Australian Day gives participants the opportunity to reap those benefits while feeling like they are part of a social event. It’s also great for social media.

Hug an Australian Day doesn’t just apply to Australians born in Australia. It also applies to current Australian citizens. Emigrants from Australia count. Australian-born individuals count. Australian-born people are eligible. The annual celebration is a fun way to have fun and encourage people to get connected. It also promotes positive vibes, gratitude towards Australia for providing so many iconic pop culture icons.

Every hug is a step in the right direction to repairing the damage Bart Simpson did when he dropped his pants at the Australian government.

Hugs are a physical symbol of love and affection for Australia’s culture, people, and heritage. You can help these sentiments grow quickly by showing interest. It’s great to talk about kangaroos or koala bears. It’s also a great time to have a chat about Tim Tams and Twinkies.

Hug an Australian Day could also be called “Show Some Love & Appreciation to Australian Friends Day”. It wouldn’t be as nice to look just as good in a tee-shirt though. The URL would not be a popular choice.

Hug an Australian Day, despite being a lighthearted and fun celebration, is a copyrighted holiday. Thomas and Ruth Roy are co-founders of The couple is responsible for many fun and exciting events, including Answer Your Cat’s Question Day and Yell ‘Fudge’ to the Cobras of North America Day. They also have Take Your Houseplants For a Walk Day. The Australian-hugging Day is actually quite tame by their standards.

The pair launched the day with the simple goal of “to show our deep appreciation for all the love, support and encouragement the Aussies have shown us over the years”. It has grown rapidly in tandem with the most popular time to visit the country Down Under. Although it was initially small in scale, the event has been covered extensively in recent years. Word has also spread fast via social media channels and other online platforms.

The annual event encourages participants to gift Australian friends with Koala bears, kangaroo toys, and imported snacks. Individuals can also use the occasion to buy these items for their own enjoyment. It can also be a day to discover and show appreciation. It’s a family-friendly day that allows kids to learn about Australia.

Millions of people celebrate the day across many countries and continents. It also attracts a fair amount of attention in Australia. Although the history of the celebrations is still young, it’s clear that people are becoming more aware of what the day represents.

This one is easy to guess. The title is clear: hugging an Australian is the best and most enjoyable way to celebrate. It doesn’t take too long to find a close friend, colleague or distant relative who will be able to make the connection.

If you want to experience the Australian obsession of the 1980s, then your day can be built around Australian activities. Turn on the Kylie CD and watch Crocodile Danee or Steve Irwin. Then, open a Castlemaine XXXXX or Foster’s and have fun with a boomerang around the garden. To complete the obvious task of Hug an Australian Day, an Ozzie is required. It is possible to celebrate the culture and people of Down Under by yourself if you prefer – or with other Australian friends.

Others may create artistic tributes to Australia, or even wear the flag as a face-painting design. No matter how it is celebrated or what its purpose, the hashtag #HuganAustralianDay will be trending on social media throughout that day.

There is no right or wrong way of celebrating the annual event. It is important to consider the feelings of the recipients. It is a common protocol to greet the recipient with a “happy hug an Australian Day” before asking if they are happy to be hugged. Simple.


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