Humbug Day

Humbug Day

Christmas can be a stressful time of the year for many. It can be difficult to balance the demands of planning holiday events and shopping for gifts with the stress of trying to get through the holidays.

Humbug Day is a day to let go of stress and enjoy Christmas.

Humbug Day is coming!

Humbug Day: History

This day was created by Tom and Ruth Roy from It embodies the spirit of Ebenezer Stcrooge, the grouchy character in Charles Dickens‚Äô 1843 novel A Christmas Carol. Scrooge, a bitter miser with a cold soul, is especially averse to people who wish to celebrate Christmas. He loves to use the phrase “Bah Humbug!” as a way to express his feelings.

Even those who love the holiday season can sometimes get annoyed and cranky. Even the most patient and cheerful human beings can find it stressful to go shopping, bake, wrap and prepare for Christmas. Humbug Day allows you to let some of that Scrooginess out, just a few days before Christmas actually occurs.

Humbug Day: How to Celebrate

These ideas will help you get into the spirit of Humbug Day.

It’s okay to be a little cranky on this day and shout out a few “bah, Humbugs” under your breath or loudly for the entire world to hear. The day’s creators were actually under the impression that the phrase can be used up to 12 times, just to keep the spirit alive.

These media can be used to get into the spirit of today, whether you’re reading Dickens entire novella or watching one film.

This is a great day to dress up, whether you’re wearing a Bah Humbug tshirt or an entire Dickensian costume. You can choose to wear the same top hat and cane Scrooge wore for walking to work or go casual with the nightgown and sleeping caps from Scrooge’s nighttime adventures. It’s a great way to get into the spirit of things.


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