Hunger Action Month

Hunger Action Month

Hunger exists all over the globe, from third world countries to shining beacons of modernity in the United States, Germany, and Poland.

Hunger Action Month reminds people that no one should go hungry and reminds them that there are many who are in need of the kindness and support of someone with an open heart. Isn’t a time when we all got up and did something to help the hungry in our communities and around the world?

Feeding America established Hunger Action Month in 2008 when it felt it was time to create a national push for the relief of the nation’s hunger crisis.

Every September, people around the world help feed the hungry in their community and country. This helps to alleviate the suffering of the 48 million people who are living with hunger each day. Children across the country are affected by food depravity. They go to school each day without proper breakfasts, which makes it difficult for them to focus on their studies, alertness, and overall performance.

It seems simple to take action against hunger in celebration of Hunger Action Month. You only need to raise awareness about hunger and there are many ways to do that, even if your budget is limited.

A popular way to raise awareness is to use a plate to write “On an empty stomach I can’t:”. Then fill in the blanks to show people how food scarcity can affect them. There are many options: “Study”, “Sleep well”, and even “Be active.” Then, take a photo of yourself holding the plate. Share it on social media so others can do the same. The world will be more aware of each other post by post.

If you feel more ambitious and wish to get involved directly, there are people in your local community who work with Feed America. Donations, food drives, and volunteer efforts are all welcome to help combat this epidemic in the United States and around the globe.


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