I Love to Write Day

I Love to Write Day

Writing isn’t just for famous authors. They had to start somewhere, and although it might seem difficult to believe, every famous author started their first chapter with only one word. John Riddle, an author of non-fiction and self help, created I Love to Write Day to encourage writing among children and adults and to revive a childhood dream.

Many organizations celebrate this special day, including schools, churches, community halls, churches, and shopping centers. This day covers all genres: poetry, novels, and even writing in your local newspaper about a topic you have always wanted but never had the time.

It is our goal to encourage people to write.

John Riddle, a Delaware-based author, created the I Love to Write Day in 2002. Riddle, who has been writing for over 30 years, has written 34 books. Riddle was asked why he created a day to celebrate the love of writing he and others have. He replied, “My goal for I Love To Write Day” to encourage people of all ages to spend their time writing.

You can write a poem or a love letter, a card, an essay or a short story. (…) People like to be challenged and writing is just one way to express yourself. (…) This (I Love to Write Day), will mark the beginning of many people’s writing careers.

I Love To Write Day could launch the careers of Mary Higgins Clark or Stephen King, Toni Morrison, and John Grisham.” This is indeed an honorable goal!

This is the best way to commemorate this special day. Do what John Riddle intended people to do every year on this day: write something. You don’t need to write anything particular, nor is it necessary to be long.

Many believe that you must have a complete plan in your head before you can start writing. Then, when you begin the writing process, your story should flow onto your paper. This will make it a New York Times bestseller. However, this is a myth. Toni Morrison spent five years writing “The Bluest Eye”, which was based upon a story that she heard as a child in elementary school. After seeing a newspaper blurb about the murder, Joan Didion was inspired by it to write “Run, River”.

Stephen King’s horror classic, “Carrie”, was rejected thirty times! It was rejected 30 times before anyone agreed to publish it. You can see that even the most well-known writers had their struggles. Don’t let this discourage you. Keep writing and keep expanding on your ideas until you reach your goals.

You could host a reading and writing party with your friends to make it more interesting on I Love to Write Day. Do not let this day pass you by!


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