I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore Day

I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore Day

I’m not going to take it any longer day is when human beings stand up against injustices that have been done to them. It is a time when they show that they are not able control or contained like wild animals. To show that we have our own lives and our own prerogatives.Civilians and labor workers have all had their fair share of wrongdoings made upon them, and most of them get to the point that they start a rebellion against their higher ups. The Haitian Rebellion is an example. On 22 August 1791, Saint Domingue’s slaves revolted and forced the colony into civil warfare. Dutty Boukman (high priest of voodoo, leader of Maroon slaves) gave the signal to start the revolt during a religious ceremony at Bois Caiman on August 14th. In a slave revolt unprecedented in its kind, the Northern Province was seized by slaves within ten days. The Whites held only a handful of fortified camps. Slave owners sought to retaliate against their masters by “pillage”, rape and torture. Plantation owners had feared such a revolt for years so they were prepared and well-armed to defend themselves. Within weeks, however, around 100,000 slaves joined the revolt. The violence escalated over the next two months and the slaves murdered 4,000 whites, destroyed 180 sugar plantations, and set fire to hundreds of coffee, indigo, and other plantations. We now return to the modern era. Now, let’s get back to modern times. We have seen many protests over the years. If you have always been polite and cheerful, but never felt appreciated, this is the time to be happy. You could organize mass protests. Customers could complain about bank charges or anger at their energy company for another price hike. It’s not going to take it any longer day is another great day for a strike.


Jul 01 2024


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