Individual Rights Day

Individual Rights Day

Individual Rights Day, named after John Locke, is observed on August 29th in honor of Locke’s philosophical writings that advocated for every human being’s rights.

Locke stated that “anything a man has in a matter of civil rights or human rights is to remain his.” Although Locke acknowledged that some natural rights were lost in exchange for collective protection, he believed that the basic rights of individuals include life, liberty and property, freedom from religion, speech and petitions to the government.

Individual Rights Day was started by Dr. Tom Stevens (founder of the Objectivist Party), who supports John Locke’s philosophies concerning the rights of society’s smallest minority and fundamental unit Рthe individual.

Celebrate Individual Rights Day by reading about John Locke’s views, reviewing the country’s commitment towards the protection of rights, and appreciating freedom and the sacred nature of individual rights.


Aug 29 2024


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