Industrial Workers Of The World Day

Industrial Workers Of The World Day

Modernization of industry has resulted in a shift from manufacturing to consumption and a shift in global market operations. Industrial processes and businesses are less common than ever. It’s easy to forget how important industry is and how many people work in industrial jobs.

Industrial Workers Of The World Day brings attention to these workers and their important role in producing the goods we rely on.

When the Wobblies were founded, tensions in the industrial sector were high. In Chicago, 1905, they were established as an international labor union. They achieved many of their goals over the next decades, working to cross guild and union lines to organize workers to fight for their rights and get fair treatment.

It wasn’t always peaceful. In fact, on the Armstice Day parade in 1919, a gunfight brokeout between the Wobblies, the American Legion and the Wobblies. This resulted in the death and arrest of several members of IWW. Wesley Everest was the victim of a mob who lynched him from an overpass in his hometown. This was the price paid to ensure international workers are treated fairly.

It is important to take the time to appreciate the labor that goes into making the everyday pleasures we enjoy. People work in various industrial sectors all over the globe to deliver quality, affordable goods to your door. Find out what it costs to live the life you want. Learn how you can help them and make responsible purchases. Industrial Workers of the World Day is a reminder of their sacrifices and all the hard work they put in every day. We are grateful to all those who work for them.


Jun 27 2025


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