Insurance Nerd Day

Insurance Nerd Day

Are you familiar with someone who enjoys working at their insurance company? You tried to get them to stop talking about new clients and insurance policies, but they refused because they were too excited. There is an entire day just for them. It’s Insurance Nerd Day! Insurance Nerds love to discuss insurance, read about it, collect insurance memorabilia and post about it to their friends. Learn more about Insurance Nerd Day to help your friend.

Insurance Nerd Day was created to end the stigma of insurance nerds being “boring”. Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company established Insurance Nerd Day in 2016 to address the lack of interest in insurance. The company recognizes its employees each year to encourage young talent to join the cause and to inspire others to break the stereotype.

Pioneer State Mutual was the first to celebrate the holiday. However, today there are many insurance companies and websites dedicated to insurance nerds that have emerged to celebrate this holiday. is one such website. It defines insurance nerds, posts regularly about insurance news, and provides expert advice about the insurance industry. Follow your favorite blogs to learn more about the insurance craze.

It is a great way to show appreciation for insurance workers by saying thank you. Listen to your friend working in the industry and learn more about their lives. Check out local insurance companies to see if there are any jobs for college students. Research insurance to learn the details most people don’t know. It’s also a great day to review your insurance and check how current you are with your plan. You can also hashtag #InsuranceNerdDay to have fun and tag your insurance friends on social media.


Jul 18 2024


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