International Amateur Radio Day

International Amateur Radio Day

Before the advent of the World Wide Web, instant communication was still a dream. A letter was considered to be a fast and efficient way to communicate with others. However, a few pioneers had discovered the joys of word-wide communication. This amazing form of communication is what? Why, Amateur Radio! International Amateur Radio Day is a reminder of these pioneers and their descendants, as well as how radio has served a global community for over 100 years.

The International Amateur Radio Union was founded in Paris in April 1925. These brave adventurers discovered that the short-wave spectrum used by amateur radio to transmit and receive could unite people all over the globe, something previously thought impossible. The group of experimental radionauts proved the theory wrong and joined forces to fight for and protect the bandwidths that would benefit radio enthusiasts. The IARU has been tireless in expanding the bandwidths available for radio enthusiasts, and now has members from all over the globe, a total of 25 countries. With over 3,000,000 licensed radio operators, interest in amateur radio has grown steadily since its early days. This medium allowed people from many cultures and nations to share ideas at lightning speed long before email or video chat.

IARU organizes events around the world to commemorate this amazing invention. You can learn more about the radio’s history and get involved in a beginners program to explore the world of amateur radio. International Amateur Radio Day gives you the chance to explore the world of amateur radio and meet new people and communities around the globe.


Apr 18 2025


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