International Animation Day

International Animation Day

Animation is all the rage these days and many of us grew up with it. From Saturday Morning Cartoons we ate with our cereal to today’s favorite movies and video games, animation has shaped our worldview.

The International Film Association was founded in France to recognize all types of cinema and art. They included Animation and created International Animation Day 2002 as the culmination of their celebration of this emerging art.

Animation is the art of making the illusion of movement by using a series images that show different stages of animation. The projector then displays the images at a specific rate. Original animation was called ‘cel animation’ or ‘hand drawn animation’. It was literally created frame by frame into animated characters we now enjoy.

Modern animation is done using CGI. These modern versions often mimic the old hand-drawn animation, while others use computer animation. Each style of animation has its own appeal and many people have chosen one over the others.

Stop-motion animation is another form of animation with a unique aesthetic. Individual pictures are taken and then streamed together to create animated films. These techniques often use intricate sets and beautiful dolls. However, they can also be done using clay as a medium. These forms are sometimes called claymation.

Animation is used in everything, from short commercials to feature-length films. It has served as a medium for entertainment and information.

A series of animated films from different ages is the best way to celebrate Animation Day. The original Disney Mickey Mouse cartoons, through the classic Wizards film, and onto modern shows such as Avatar which showcase the best blending of old and new filming.

There are many animation techniques that can create amazing variations in style, theme, and feel. Take this International Animation Day as an opportunity to explore the vast world of animation. Relive old experiences and discover new ones.


Oct 01 - 28 2024


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