International ASMR Day

International ASMR Day

ASMR has become a very popular method of relaxation in recent years. It is also known for the unexplainable reactions people have when they listen ASMR videos. So, what’s ASMR? Why do people love it? It is what causes it?

What is ASMR? International ASMR Day is an international day that aims to help people understand ASMR, its history, and how they can get involved in the sensations that they love.

According to medical professionals, ASMR is a sensation that causes a feeling of euphoria and tingles. It can also be described as a perceptual phenomena that is activated by exposure to certain sounds or visuals.

ASMR can be used to treat both psychological and clinical problems. ASMR is a sensation that provides a feeling of escapism in their videos. When used clinically it can be used to treat depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

International ASMR Day was created in 2012 by KellyMSAutumnRed (video creator), who wanted to make a day to honor ASMR. Together with a few other creators, International ASMR Day was created to educate and explain how ASMR can be used to help others.

ASMR has been a surprise trend since 2007, when SteadyHealth members started to discuss what ASMR was and how people like it. WhisperingLife was the first YouTuber to embrace this trend. The medical industry began publishing ASMR-related studies, which has since become a popular activity for people to calm down and relax.

You want to know more about ASMR and the hype surrounding it? You can check out YouTubers like GentleWhispering and Ephemeral Rift and Amalzd to see if they have any interesting content. If you like it, share the holiday and ASMR with others via social media by using #ASMRDay. See if your friends can join you in ASMR. A sensitive microphone and a camera are all you need to try your hand at ASMR. You can be creative.


Sep 04 2024


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