International Bat Night

International Bat Night

There are many roles that bats play in literature and history. The most popular association with bats is with vampires. However, there’s also the playful bat from Ferngully (Batty Coda), as well as a host other characters from literature or cinema. Bats play an important part in our eco-system and are at risk of becoming extinct. International Bat Night is an opportunity to bring awareness to our flying rodent friends, and to show them why they should be protected.

International Bat Night is an annual event that celebrates these animals. There are many events around the globe for people to participate in, including a variety of bat-related activities. These events offer the chance to support bat conservation and learn more about these fascinating creatures. You can enjoy fun bat walks and talks at dusk. This is an activity that you must experience at least once. It will allow you to get up close to these amazing animals and learn more about them.

We don’t expect you to believe us when we say bats are amazing creatures. Bats are the only mammals capable of flying. Echolocation is also used by bats to move around at night. You probably know that bats live in darkness and cannot see well. They must rely on other navigational skills to navigate, rather than their sight. To understand where they are, they send out beeps and listen for variations in the echoes back to help them get around.

Over the years, bats have earned a bad reputation. Most of this negative reputation is not justified. Many people believe that bats infect people with rabies, particularly in North America. Because of television and movies, this is a common myth. Bats are known to avoid humans and only 10 people have ever contracted rabies from North American bats in the past 50 years. You should not be afraid if you get bit by a bat. Contrary to popular belief, vampire bats don’t suck blood. They do eat blood, but they are not suckers. But, don’t panic! Only three types of vampire bats are found around the world.

International Bat Night was created to promote the positive image of bats and to provide some information beyond Hollywood rumors. Bats are often viewed as predators that feed on the blood of innocents and carry rabies. But the truth is very different. There are some bats that feed on blood. But they mostly feed on insects. We want bats out patrolling the night looking for pests and helping to eradicate them.

The main contributor to the reduction of obnoxious night bugs like mosquitoes is bats. If you are a camper you will know how annoying mosquitoes can be to a pleasant camping trip. Bats can also eat nectar and fruits and help to spread the seed of plants. In many cases, they are the only ones helping those plants to reproduce.

These are only a few of the many wonders bats have, and there’s much more. International Bat Night is a wonderful time to learn about them!

Enjoying the silence of night and looking up at the sky in your local bat habitat is one of the best ways you can spend International Bat Night. If you are lucky enough, it might be a night in the woods or on your porch.

You can go to your local Bat Conservatories to celebrate the evening with them and make a contribution to their work if you feel generous and adventurous. Do you love bats? Help us keep our flying rodent friends safe by volunteering at these conservatories!

It is also a good idea to spend some time online researching bats and learning more about them. We have provided some information but there are many more things to discover. Share the information with your family and friends on social media to help spread awareness.

A Batman movie is another way to celebrate International Bat Night. There are also the Batman and Batwomen TV shows. This is a great way to celebrate Superhero Day if you love superhero movies. There are many other movies, including vampire-based films that feature bats like Le Vampire or Dracula. Enjoy the movie, so grab your popcorn!


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