International Bath Day

International Bath Day

A long, hot soak in a bath is the ultimate relaxation experience that comes completely free. International Bath Day is a great excuse to take a luxurious and beautiful bath.

Although it sounds like madness, it’s actually a very popular day that allows everyone to indulge in the most luxurious and relaxing soaks.

Let’s not forget to mention that International Bath Day doesn’t have to be the only day you take a bath.

Days like International Bath Day are not about bathing. It’s about celebrating humanity and recognising who we really are and how far our journey has taken. For some, a bath can be a means to clean out difficult-to-reach areas, but for others it is a way of escaping.

Some people work long hours and need to relax. Others find inspiration and enjoy the occasional bubbles and quiet.

You can make International Bath Day a day that you like, but you have to choose what makes you happy. Do something that you love, something that you do alone.

Legend has it that Archimedes, a Greek mathematician and scientist, discovered that a object’s volume could accurately be measured by submerging in water. Archimedes, who was unable to contain his excitement at the discovery, leapt out of the tub and shouted “Eureka! Eureka!” while running through the streets of Syracuse in Greece. Archimedes was not born on the date indicated, so the day we chose to honor is the one that he is believed to have kept ….June 14.

How did this date get determined? According to an ancient Greek legend, it was exactly one week before summer began. The calendar of those days was astronomical. Seasons were determined by the tilt of the Earth’s orbit around the sun at 23.5 degrees. The date that summer began was June 21st (then as it is today).

This day is important to us because bath time is an ideal time for discovery and learning for children. Toys for bath can help children learn basic physics concepts like empty/full and float/sink. They can also teach them cause and effect.

We all know that the world is constantly changing, and the same goes for how we bathe. Although it may seem absurd, this is actually quite possible. If we take a look back 100 years, bathing was not an easy activity.

A bath was in England in the 19th century a large container of cold metal placed in front a fireplace. This is still true in some countries.

Bath time is something we can look forward to. However, the pleasure of a good bubble bath isn’t limited to simple things. For those who want a spa-like experience, there are bathtubs that have jets and essential oils for bathing.

All of this being said, it appears that the next 20-years will be even better. With the invention of temperature regulation devices for bathtubs you won’t ever have to take a cold soak again.

No matter your ideal bath, the evolution of the bathtub is remarkable. You should therefore embrace the power and beauty of the tub and make this International Bath Day a memorable one.

Okay, so we think you understand the basics of International Bath Day. But if not, there are some great ideas for everyone.

When you reach a temperature that doesn’t cook lobsters, put on some Barry Manilow to take your mind to your own personal Nirvana.

If this is not for you, you can just take a bath, put in some earplugs and lock the bathroom door to have some completely uninterrupted time for yourself.

International Bath Day doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or a man, or if you work or not, this day is for you. Take an hour and get away from the rest of the world.

Sometimes, we all need some alone time to reconnect with the universe. Perhaps you are a single parent looking to go to the toilet in peace once in a while, even if this is not the case. International Bath Day is a celebration for everyone, but it’s also an excuse.


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