International Beer and Pizza Day

International Beer and Pizza Day

You won’t find anything that can make a day more wonderful than a perfect combination of beer, pizza, and wine. A glass of amber-colored joy’s foamy head seems perfectly suited to the rich, cheesy texture and flavor of pizza.

It’s no surprise that these two are so well-matched, thanks to the delicious pizza crust that is salty and buttery, and that reminds me of my favorite bar treat, the pretzel.

International Beer and Pizza Day reminds us all to enjoy this delicious combination and to remember the good things about life!

International Beer Day and Pizza Day are the stories of two incredible substances that have traveled the long and winding roads to finally meet on tables and in our hearts. Beer is the oldest known alcoholic beverage and has been an integral part of human culinary history as both a liquid food source and a safe way to drink water.

It’s not surprising beer was considered to be one of the most safe drinks, considering all the illnesses that have occupied the water in recent history and no way of knowing where they came from. Beer was included in the Ancient Egyptian food chain at every level. It was also a favourite drink of slaves who built the pyramids, as it provided them with the protein and calories they needed to get through their hard workdays.

On the other hand, pizza dates back to 997 AD in Gaeta (Italy), though it didn’t have tomato sauce in the beginning. The discovery of the New World was the first time that tomatoes were introduced to Europe. Once they did, the Italians haven’t looked back since. Where were tomatoes first discovered? Pizza was their favorite food!

After thousands of years, these two incredible things finally came together to celebrate International Beer and Pizza Day.

Not that long ago, back in 2016, International Beer and Pizza Day came into existence when it was the brainchild of a website designer, Nick Saulino ( Saulino, who is a fan of both pints and slices decided that this combination deserved its own day, and he proposed International Beer and Pizza Day.

You can be creative with many ways to celebrate International Beer and Pizza Day. These ideas are just a sample. You can also come up with other ways to enjoy the day.

People who need to be encouraged to go to their favorite pizza place and grab a slice of pizza and a glass of beer are not the ones this day was meant for. There are many flavors of pizza.

Get together with friends, grab some pizza and have some fun. There are some places that offer specialty beers to go with pizza. Experts believe that vegetarian pizzas are more compatible with pale ales and Pilsners than meatier pizzas. However, a darker beer such as a porter or stout might work well with a meatier pizza.

No matter what, make sure you get a slice of every kind and a pint to enjoy the day.

Some people may want to celebrate with pizza and beer. For a truly memorable culinary experience, make your own pizza and enjoy it with your favorite beer. It takes only four ingredients: yeast, warm water and a little sugar to make a pizza crust. For those who don’t have the time or desire to make their own pizza crust, refrigerated pizza dough is an option.

Bake it in a spiced tomato sauce and add delicious toppings like meats and vegetables. This is a great way for everyone to customize a pizza to their tastes!

Home brewing beer, although a slower process than making pizza is an option.

There are several steps involved in brewing beer. These include steeping the grains, adding hops and mashing the grains to create wort. After the brewing process is completed, the fermentation will take place for several weeks. The bottling process takes place after this. Let the beer carbonate for a few more weeks before you can enjoy this handcrafted beer.

There is a bottled version of this holiday called Pizza Beer. It’s almost as incredible as the label says! This beer has a strong flavor with basil and oregano, as well as a strong aroma of garlic and tomatoes.

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