International Beer Day

International Beer Day

Anyone who is interested in taking a look around their local area will find a number of staples. These include a bar, friendly pub, or busy nightclub. There is always a place to grab a beer, no matter where you are located in Canada, Ireland, or the backwoods of Canada.

This day is for those who enjoy these drinks and those who appreciate their makers – Beer Day!

Beer Day was originally started in Santa Cruz, California, USA. It celebrates the art of beer brewing. It was also established to show appreciation for all those involved in beer making. It quickly grew to include other beer technicians and bartenders. Why not get everyone involved?

Beer Day expanded in both scope and size. Within a year, it gained international recognition. It was established in Santa Cruz in 2007. Today, it is celebrated in 207 cities and 50 countries, as well as 6 continents.

Beer Day is all about sharing new and diverse experiences. To celebrate the day of beer making skill and enjoyment, there are many food and entertainment options.

Three reasons were given by the Beer Day founders to start the day:

It can be a lot of fun to celebrate International Beer Day! These are some great ways to enjoy the day.

Many people agree that it is the best place to start celebrating this day is by raising a glass, can, tankard, bottle, or can.

Toasting the people who make this amazing brew possible. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a pub, club, pub or just a restaurant, it is simple to find somewhere to enjoy a few brews.

Beer is a unique beverage with interesting history. It’s also a great way to have fun with friends, especially on Beer Day! Perhaps everyone doesn’t know that the 18th Amendment of the US Constitution made alcohol illegal in 1919.

These fun facts will impress your friends at the bar on Beer Day.

Beer Day events are usually held at new or rare places. Some places host a Happy Hour that lasts the entire day or organize trivia events and games with prizes that involve beer gear. Be responsible and grab some friends to share the joys of beer with others.

You can always try something new in honor of this day! There are more than 100 styles and sub-styles of beer around the world.

Beer Day is the ideal time to enjoy these rare styles of beer.

You should try it, even if it’s a less popular beer than you’ve ever tried. A brewer spent some time trying to perfect that beer and marketing it to the public.


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