International Book Giving Day

Books. They have infinite power. They have the power to transport us to other worlds, teach new things, incite us, make us laugh and cry, and provide us with important memories. Your earliest memories of childhood may include the stories you read before you went to bed or the books that you read as a kid. You may have read and loved books as a teenager. You may have stopped reading as an adult, or you might still enjoy books, but those childhood memories will remain with you. Although Valentine’s Day is celebrated by many, you can use this day to help others and spread cheer through books.

You probably love giving and receiving gifts, regardless of whether you like to admit it. It’s hard to deny the joy of opening a gift wrapped in a package and discovering what it contains. You can also be the gift giver and watch your loved one smile when they open their present. This day is dedicated to instilling a love for reading in children and helping children in need.

This day was originally established in the United Kingdom. The celebrations have grown in popularity over the years and now book lovers all over the globe participate. Amy Broadmoore, her son and Delightful Children’s Books founder, started the holiday in 2012. They were inspired by a need to provide books for children living in areas that are underfunded. Zoe Toft was then brought in to help develop the day. They created the event, and worked on incentives and celebrations. In 2013, Emma Perry took over the day’s management. Site describes the day as “100% volunteer initiative that aims to increase children’s enthusiasm and access to books”.

Book Giving Day doesn’t host any organized events. Instead, they encourage volunteers to show their goodwill by allowing them to do so. Holiday celebrators and volunteers are encouraged to gift books to children. You can choose to gift a book that you love, one you’ve never read, or one that you feel a child would enjoy. Over 44 countries now celebrate this day, and six of the seven continents have countries that participate in it!

Numerous research studies have shown that books and reading aloud are beneficial for all ages, especially children. The bond that reading creates is one of the greatest benefits. Reading to children can help them form stronger and more intimate emotional bonds. You can build a strong relationship with your child by reading to them every day.

Books provide emotional and cognitive benefits for children. More than any other media, books are the most important for kids’ language development. Reading is encouraged in children’s lives and they develop a wider vocabulary at a faster rate. Reading books can also help children develop their critical thinking skills. Reading books aloud or in silence can help children develop their critical thinking skills, social cues, and emotional intelligence. The book allows children to see different worlds and nurtures their imagination.

Books are not only beneficial for children; they also have many benefits for everyone. Studies show that regular readers have greater social-emotional intelligence, faster decision-making times, better self-expression, and better vocabulary. Books can help us to have better moral and ethical views, challenge our ideas about the world and expand them. No matter your age, reading can provide knowledge, answer questions and offer a great escape.

Today is about gifting a book to a friend or loved one (as it was originally intended). This day can be celebrated in many ways. You can gift a book to your child, or to a friend or family member’s child. You can gift your child, or a younger sibling, a book at bedtime. You can extend the gift beyond today by purchasing a new book for children and make family time from reading it.

Book donations are a great way to give back to the community, even if you don’t have any children. Book lovers all over the globe celebrate this day by donating used or new books to schools, foster homes, charities, and libraries. You can leave a book for others to find if you are looking for a creative and anonymous way to give back. This can be done by leaving books from children in waiting rooms, doctor’s offices and public transit stations.

Are you looking for ways to get involved in other ways? Book Giving Day organizers support the holiday by sharing stories from people who gift books all over the globe, and offering book-giving bonuses such as bookplates or other incentives. provides information about the many social media hashtags and community events as well as other incentives.

You can encourage imagination, creativity and joy in reading by giving it to someone you care about, regardless of whether you are a reader or not. Find a favorite book, new or old, and give it or gift it to someone in your life.


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