International Caps Lock Day

International Caps Lock Day

It’s something we’ve all seen. The one person who can’t turn off Caps Lock, or worse, the people who do it deliberately because they feel it makes their point better. One person felt Caps Lock made his RESUME look better. We don’t know what to do with such people. Let’s just start a campaign to get rid of the Caps Lock Button.

Caps Lock is simply the button on a keyboard that causes all Latin-based scripts and Cyrillic letters to be generated in capital letters. The action of hitting the key again reverses itself and everything is typed in lowercase. Many keyboards have a light at the Caps Lock button so that you can see when it is on or off. There are older keyboards that don’t have this light, so you can keep an eye on it.

Many of us have been there. You don’t know you have the Caps Lock button on and send someone a message using capital letters. If you’re like us, you might follow up with a message saying “oops sorry, I didn‚Äôt mean to shout.”

Some people like to use Caps Lock to communicate their points. The recipient can become frustrated by it. It’s almost like shouting at someone through a telephone. International Caps Lock Day offers a day full of joy for those who don’t like people who use the Caps Lock button too often. It’s time to find some visual peace and serenity.

You can be a little too extravagant with the Caps Lock button. However, you will be noticed on International Caps Lock Day. Perhaps it’s time to turn off the Caps Lock and save everyone a visual headache.

In 2000, International Caps Lock Day was created by Derek Arnold from Iowa. He had had enough of internet users using all caps to emphasize their messages. In an effort to poke fun at those who use this horrible typing style and bring some sanity back to the internet, he created International Caps Lock Day.

Some protocols require that you post in all caps, such as when you are part of a weather monitoring system. This is a rare, perhaps unique case where all caps are used to indicate the importance of something. The collection of acronyms and shorthand make it clear.

You can also dig deeper into the history and origins of this controversial keyboard key. The Caps Lock key on mechanical typewriters was originally the Shift key. A second character was added to each typebar in one of the earliest innovations in typewriter use. This allowed a person to type twice as many characters with the same number keys.

The second character was located above each typebar’s first character. Shifting the Shift key would cause all of the apparatus to move, physically shifting typebars relative to the ribbon. The shifted position, just like modern keyboards for computers, was used to create secondary characters or product capitals.

Shift lock keys were invented to allow the operation of shifts to be maintained indefinitely with minimal effort. The typebars were mechanically locked in an shifted position. This resulted in the upper character being typed whenever any key was pressed.

Because it can be difficult to hold down the shift for more than two or 3 consecutive strokes, this was supposed to reduce finger muscle pain from repetitive typing.

You would normally hit Shift and Lock simultaneously on mechanical typewriters. To release the lock, press shift without pressing any other key.

It’s easy to celebrate International Caps Lock Day by not using caps lock. You can also remind your friends via social media, MMOs and any other medium about the horrible habit of using Caps Lock in communications.

To make a more obvious statement about how it makes people look, you can also create an ironic campaign by using CAPS LOCK every day. You can send your memes and poke your friends to let them know it’s time for proper grammar.


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