International Cheetah Day

International Cheetah Day

They are Mother Nature’s high-performance precision machine. They can accelerate faster that a Ferrari, going from 0 to 75 mph in 3 seconds. And they have a self-grown paint job that would make even the most expensive muscle cars envy. We’re talking about the Cheetah.

International Cheetah Day is a celebration of these amazing animals and raises awareness about the danger they face. Enjoy Cheetah Day!

Dr. Laurie Marker, founder of Cheetah Conserve Fund (CCF), chose to honor Khayam, the cheetah that she raised at her Oregon Wildlife Safari. She established December 4th International Cheetah Day in his name.

Khayam was part of an important experiment which helped to determine if captive Cheetahs could be taught to hunt in the wild after being held in captivity. The experiment was successful after a trip to Namibia. After observing that wild cheetahs were being eliminated by local hunters, Dr. Marker, and Khayam returned to the States.

This encounter prompted Dr. Marker to leave the United States to work in Namibia. CCF was founded by Marker in 1990. The Cheetah is an incredible animal, and the fastest land mammal today.

Although the number of these animals used to be much higher, only 8,000 are left wild today. This makes them Africa’s most endangered feline. Because of some clever adaptations, Cheetahs are the fastest land mammal in the world.

Cheetahs run at a speed of 62 mph. Their feet touch the ground only once every 6 to 7 meter. At these speeds, their tail acts as a rudder and helps them steer. It’s obvious that once a cheetah captures prey, they won’t let go!

International Cheetah Day celebrations are meant to be both fun and educational. These are some ideas to help you celebrate International Cheetah Day.

This is the best day to learn all you can about these incredible animals. These ideas will help you get more involved with the world of cheetahs.

Gather your friends, family, or coworkers and throw a party that is meaningful! You can use a cheetah theme, and decorate with decorations that resemble the cheetah spots. For guests arriving at the party, make sure they have headbands with cheetah ears. You can serve snacks that fit the theme such as Cheetos Paws, or decorate a cheetah-themed cake. For entertainment, you can watch the cheetah documentary (listed below).

Make the party a fundraiser by inviting guests to bring donations or obtaining gifts in advance that can be used to create an auction. Invite everyone to sign up to the Cheetah Conservation Fund newsletters while they are there so they stay informed.

Once there is a growing (or new!) appreciation for these high-speed mammals, it’s time to start looking for ways to help them conserve. Once a new (or growing!) appreciation has been established for these high-speed mammals, it’s time that conservation efforts can begin. There are many credible and valuable organizations that have worked hard to improve the lives of these animals. You can help by volunteering for or donating to these groups.

Spread the word about International Cheetah Day

When the efforts of the local zoo are combined, it is possible to get the community involved in saving the cheetahs. If your local zoo does not have an International Cheetah Day celebration they might contact them to see if they can arrange one. Volunteers may even be needed to run it.

Although the cheetah is well-known for its speed, we can all work together to slow down its decline.


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