International Chocolate Day

International Chocolate Day

Although there are a few people who don’t love chocolate, chocolate is loved by most people around the globe. Some people may consider chocolate an obsession.

International Chocolate Day was established to celebrate, learn and enjoy all things chocolate.

Since the beginning of time, chocolate plants have been around. It wasn’t until 4000 years ago, however, that the Olmec people from Mesoamerica (present-day Mexico) started making cocoa beans into beverages. Drinking chocolate at that time was an uncommon and exclusive delicacy, which was also used in cultural rituals and for medicinal purposes.

The Aztecs and Mayans became involved in it many years later. Cocoa beans were eventually cultivated and used to trade valuable currency. The Aztecs also considered chocolate to be an important tool for preparation for war and as an aphrodisiac.

Chocolate made it to Europe in the 16th century. However, the Spanish kept it secret for a while. The trend eventually spread to Europe, with “chocolate homes” appearing in Britain.

The invention of chocolate presses influenced chocolate making. This made it possible to make solid chocolates. The Dutch method of making cocoa powder made chocolate more accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy or the royals.

Chocolate bars were first manufactured in Europe by chocolate companies around the middle-to-late 1800s. Nestle, J.S. Fry and Sons and Lindt were all founded during this period. Later, many other companies followed such as Hershey’s and Cadbury.

Many people now enjoy chocolate as a part of their everyday lives.

The ingredient can be used in chocolate candies, cakes and brownies as well as cookies and cupcakes. It can also be used as cocoa powder, baking chocolate in milk, semi-sweet and dark chocolate varieties.

International Chocolate Day is all about giving attention to the delicious treat that is now part cultural traditions around the globe. This day is celebrated worldwide. Enjoy the learning and participation!

International Chocolate Day is a favorite day of many people and one that should be celebrated. These are some ideas to enjoy and participate in International Chocolate Day.

International Chocolate Day, which is celebrated on March 1, 2018, will allow you to indulge in milk, semi-sweet, and dark chocolate. Grab your favorite chocolate bar like Hershey’s or Nestle, or explore new types of chocolate sourced from other parts of the globe.

A large assortment of chocolates can be a fun way to celebrate the occasion. There are many companies that produce boxes of chocolates. Some of them include Whitman’s Samplers and Richart. Lindt, Lindt, Godiva, Richart and Richart. You can read the label on the lid to discover what chocolate you are eating. Or, hide it and play guessing games to determine which chocolate flavor it is.

International Chocolate Day is a wonderful opportunity to bring chocolate lovers together, regardless of whether it’s in the breakroom with colleagues at work or at home.

This gathering will feature everything chocolate and can include creative snacks such as a chocolate fountain, homemade brownies, or chocolate ice cream sandwiches. A chocolate tasting table is a great idea for activities. Guests can try different chocolates from all over the world. You might also consider chocolates with higher or lower cocoa content.

It is possible to include chocolate for breakfast. You can include chocolate yogurt, chocolate smoothies, and chocolate cherry muffins on your breakfast menu. Dark chocolate can be used in breakfast to reduce body fat and blood sugar levels.

You can make savory meals that contain chocolate for lunch or dinner. Some chili recipes, especially Cincinnati-style chili, include dark chocolate shavings and cinnamon flavors. It’s usually served over pastas. Mole sauce is a Mexican traditional dish that is made from chocolate and spices. It can be used to top meat dishes or tortillas.

Salads are a light lunch option and can often be modified to include chocolate. A spinach pear salad with chocolate vinegar or a baby strawberry and spinach salad with vidalia onions, cacao nibs and chokonuts are some options.

The easiest way to include chocolate in your diet is through dessert. You can make a simple brownie recipe, bake a pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough or prepare easy, no-bake peanut butter, chocolate and oat cookies. International Chocolate Day is an excellent opportunity to bake with this versatile ingredient.

If you’re cooking or baking, feel free to share your creations with someone special. For those who don‚Äôt feel like baking or cooking, you can always stop by a bakery or grocery store. You can make some chocolate cupcakes for neighbors or give out chocolate muffins at work. Or you can just grab a large chocolate bar to share with your family.


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