International Civil Aviation Day

International Civil Aviation Day

1901 saw a first: a man flew on a glider, covering a considerable distance in an aeronautics device that wasn’t held aloft with lighter-than-air gases. This event was met with profound skepticism by people around the globe who believed the Wright Brothers were more liars that fliers. However, this claim would be disproved by an aeronautics demonstration that would prove to be the greatest event in aviation. International Civil Aviation Day is a celebration of the science, art and sport of aviation that evolved from this first glide and the men who continue to push the boundaries of it.

Civil Aviation is an integral part of the world we love and know today. It touches us all in ways that we don’t even realize. If you place an order for a package from Amazon overnight, chances are that it will be transported in a cargo plane from Amazon’s warehouse to your door. You’re travelling across the country, or around the globe to visit family and friends for holiday celebrations or vacations.

The dangers of air travel can make it dangerous. Therefore, the International Civil Aviation Organization is focused on safety, efficiency and regulations. In 1944, the International Civil Aviation Day was established by the ICAO. The organization also began a campaign for it to be officially recognized as a UN holiday. This campaign would finally come to fruition in 1996. Civil Aviation encompasses everything, from small commercial aircraft to sports fliers that fly in the skies with daily necessities.

There are many ways to celebrate International Civil Aviation Day. From the simple pleasure of receiving a package and then opening it the next morning with the knowledge that it was transported in the belly of an excellent cargo plane to the excitement of booking a flight to a foreign location to show our appreciation for the speed and efficiency we have in crossing the globe. There are many museums that focus on aviation throughout the country. You can learn a lot about aviation history by walking through these halls. Get out on International Civil Aviation Day to see the impact that the plane has had on your life.


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