International Client’s Day

International Client’s Day

Your business wouldn’t exist without your clients, no matter what product or service you sell. No matter if we’re talking to those who shop at the mall once in a while or those who prefer to order online, it is clear that your business wouldn’t exist without them.

They are the ones who pay you for your product and do a lot of advertising for you. You should remember that no celebrity who loves a product can convince grandparents or other loved ones to purchase it. Your satisfied clients are always there to do you favors. It’s important to show your gratitude!

International Client’s Day was established to let your clients know how happy you are that they chose your company. What are you waiting to do? Celebrate them!

In Klaipeda (Lithuania), in 2010, the idea of having a holiday to celebrate clients around the world and their contributions to different businesses, from multinational corporations and mom-and-pop convenience stores, was born. Someone finally said “Why not recognize our clients?” Clients are the foundation of any business, so it was fitting that the first International Client’s Day was celebrated on March 19, 2010.

It seemed that the idea was immediately picked up by newspapers. International Client’s Day was then added permanently to the Lithuanian calendar. International Client’s Day is a growing phenomenon. It went viral in 2012 when companies around the globe used this day to show their gratitude to clients.

One year later, the Client’s Day was implemented by many Lithuanian companies and praised by the president himself. It has since been extended to Russia.

International Client’s Day, regardless of the size of your company, is the perfect opportunity to show appreciation for your clients. It doesn’t need to be extravagant. Not everyone has the budget to spend a lot of money or time on such things.

It’s always the thought that counts. Get your team together and brainstorm ways to make your clients feel special. Are you a baker? You might give everyone who comes into your bakery on International Client’s Day a small bag of cookies along with a thank you note.

You could offer your clients a variety of beauty products or free nail art if you own a salon. These things will make people’s lives easier and won’t cost too much.

Isn’t this what all of this is about? You could call your clients to express appreciation for doing business with you, even if you don’t have contact on a daily basis.


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