International Clouded Leopard Day

International Clouded Leopard Day

International Clouded Leopard Day is a day to raise awareness about Clouded leopards in captivity as well as in the wild. Lauren Amos (organizer) and Dan Kemp (carnivore keepers at Howletts Wild Animal Park, Kent), work daily with this shy and elusive species.

The ICLD celebrations at the park featured talks, tours and activities for all ages. However, the day wasn’t limited to Kent. It was celebrated in zoos across the USA and Asia.

This project aims to increase awareness and bring together conservation thinking across zoological collections and charities, NGO’s and businesses. Each species has a unique role in maintaining an ecological balance in both life and nature.

This can be done by managing prey-based animal numbers, seed dispersal, looking out for grasslands, or simply maintaining healthy genetic diversity that supports the survival of any species. Every thing has a purpose.

Humankind, the juggernaut, continues to overpower and overwhelm nature at an insatiable pace. We are unable to hear the warnings from those who warn us about the imminent loss of species, forests, and ocean life.

We hope that raising awareness about the plights of the Clouded Leopard may help to save this majestic cat and give us a better understanding of its needs.


Apr 08 2025


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