International Coastal Cleanup Day

International Coastal Cleanup Day

Each year, thousands of tons of garbage end up in the oceans. At least 60% of this is made of plastic material. Plastics last for a long time in the ocean, and there are more than 46,000 pieces of plastic litter per square mile. This is a serious problem for the oceans and directly affects the health of people.

International Coastal Cleanup Day is here! Help make the planet a cleaner and happier place for people, plants, animals, and all life.

The Ocean Conservancy was the first to establish International Coastal Cleanup Day. This organization works to protect the ocean and the many challenges it faces each year. It was first established on the west coast Washington State in 1986. It is now celebrated every year on the third Saturday in September.

The ocean’s trash can have a wide range of impacts on the planet, including affecting wildlife and humans as well as reducing the income of people who work in the ocean. It can cause economic damage through affecting tourism, recreation, and the money they bring to the communities along the coast.

The Ocean Conservatory understands that these problems can only be solved if we take bold steps and eliminate the source of trash that harms the ocean.

It is important to empower people to play an active part in cleaning up and conserving the ocean. They spread tips and techniques that help reduce trash to aid in the cleanup of our oceans.

International Coastal Cleanup Day has been a major initiative to clean up the oceans over the past 30 year. Over 100 countries join forces to make this day a success in helping to ensure that the oceans, beaches, seas, and coasts survive and thrive.

There are many creative ways to celebrate this day! These ideas are just a few of the many options available. Or, you can create your own!

Begin with something simple like taking a day to the beach and carrying a bag of trash bags. You can help reduce the garbage going into the ocean and clean up the beach.

Over 12 million volunteers collected trash from beaches, rivers and lakes around the globe over the course of the year. Get together with your friends and neighbors to clean up the oceans.

You don’t even have to live near an ocean or sea. All waterways eventually lead to the ocean. You can help by visiting a riverbank, lakeside, canal or pond in your area. Send groups of people to make the earth a better place for wildlife, people, and plants by bringing along garbage bags, gloves, and trash-picker sticks.

This cleanup guide will help you organize an event.

It’s much more enjoyable and motivating to spend time cleaning beaches when you can see the results being made collectively and individually. The Ocean Conservancy created the Clean Swell App to help track trash cleanup. The app is available to:

It’s an easy way to contribute to a global effort for cleaner beaches!

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has organized The Ocean Decade 2020s because the oceans are in such a dire state. This initiative educates and coordinates individuals and governments to help clean up the oceans in many ways.

The Ocean Conservancy is a voice for ocean issues. It uses social media to share updates and other information.

Plastics pose a grave threat to marine life. They have been known to kill more than a million birds, 100,000 turtles and whales, as well as countless fishes. International Coastal Cleanup Day encourages people get on the beaches to help reduce this problem by picking up trash that has washed up or left by tourists each day.

Every effort, no matter how small, can make a difference in moving the ocean towards a cleaner future. International Coastal Cleanup Day gives you the chance to make a real difference and inspire others!


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